jeremy Clarkson Fired

Well, bbc said no longer works with jeremy Clarkson!. don’t want to say how stupid decision bbc got, we all know they made stupid decision. and i no longer wants to say bring Jeremy back. no, never.

What is want to see at this time is, another tv show, similar to top gear, pick the Jeremy up and revolute their TV Show. and sure i will never see top gear anymore and i’ll become new Jeremy’s show fan. forget the bbc and join another show.

Feel about your blog first comment

it’s very exciting when you lunch your new blog and you receive a new comment without telling your new blog address to your friends or strangers because you wanted to fill it with few posts before tell about it to others. isn’t it? but hold on. it seems the person who commented for me, had talking with someone else, or even talking about something I don’t know? crap. it’s a SPAM Comment posted by spammer software. :|

Thanks dear spammer robot! :|

Web Browsers Other then Firefox, Chrome, IE or Opera in 2015


Just like you I didn’t knew much about other web browsers except firefox, chrome, ie or opera!. for me, the first choice is firefox, ie and chrome. I never was a fan of opera, however on my old java cellphone I still love opera mini.

yes I like IE. it’s true sometimes during web development or play with piece of javascript or html code you stunk with ie and come crazy, however recently I never faced this problem with ie. as ie 11 everything worked for me. any page just rendered like how is it on firefox or chrome. anyway, ie is a good one and I like it, but there are some other web browsers which you might never heard about.

Cowoon, a web browser for web based games fans. if you are a web based gamer, you have to get this one. game-friendly toolbar, screen captures, switch between keyboard or gamepad and so on.

torch is for media fans. built in youtube streaming service called Torch Music. easy access to various web based games. easy drag-drop uploads. easy download music and videos from youtube.

as pcworld magazine says, this browser can run there different browser engines. Trident, Gecko or WebKit.

Comodo IceDragon.
this one promise security. it’s from Comodo security website. i remember i installed “Dragon Comodo” on my machine before, but did not heard about IceDragon. I’m not sure if they are the same.




What to write about in your blog?

while last coupe of weeks I read lots of articles about how hard is first days of start blogging, in my mind, there is a battle going on between good Ideas and bad ideas. the most effective reason which stopped me from blogging ( and not only me as I know many other blog starters faced this situation ) is fear. fear of readers who don’t like the posts, low quality posts and so on.

however I found the key is to ignore all these bad feels and just start type whatever cross my mind. yep. whatever and I don’t care what readers might think about it. I don’t mean to ignore readers and continue in a wrong way, no, not at all. what is mean is the first few posts which the only reason to publish them is rest of the fear or your writing. yes these posts might not help anyone solve any of his/her problems but as it helps me, that’s enough. no one will force you to read all, all, all posts of any blog. usually we google for what we want to read and google will show us what we want exactly. if you’ve read this post, it mean you are in a position which I am at this time, yet I don’t have any writing strategy.

Vacant blog born

After ten years of build web apps, I  still have no idea about what to write. I don’t feel a writer or pro blogger or anything else!. the only reason which I turned this website into a blog is this: I want to build a website which it can get pumped with new contents every day, just like other blogs which most of them writing craps. I don’t want to waste 6 month on develop an app or game and only get one page in google index. no I don’t want to do it anymore.